10+ SEO Tips to Promote Your Blog 2021 (Guarantee)

Starting a blog and maintaining it with perfection and to promote your blog, all need lots of sheer hard work. To earn money from blogging needs good traffic.

But you can’t drive better traffic for your blog unless you know the 10 SEO tips to promote your blog.

SEO Tips to Promote Your Blog

Promotion of your blog is an uphill task. If you do it in a professional way, you will get mass traffic and money will flow back in the long run.

As we often write on our blog, for a successful blog, you need the best SEO optimized content on your blog.

And this is a huge reason for your readers to visit your website again and again, which is a key factor of reducing bounce rate on your blog.

Pro tip : Bounce rate means the time people spend on your site.

The more people spend on your blog, The less bounce rate will be on your site. It is good signal for your site.

Similarly, if you are getting heavy traffic, but people leave your site without spending much time, then you will have higher bounce rate.

And high bounce rate badly effect your site ranking.

In this article, we are sharing those SEO tips for your blog promotion, which are being adopted by famous bloggers like Bran Dean of backlinko, Harsh Agarwal Of shoutmeloud.

Key Factors Of Promoting Your Blog

In order to promote your blog consistently in the long run, there are many techniques, you can adopt.

But essence of all SEO techniques largely depends on the following key SEO Factors :

  1. SEO Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Forum Marketing
  6. Push Notification Marketing
  7. YouTube Marketing etc…

As mentioned earlier in this post, To maintain consistency in blogging, you need the best writing skills, On-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies LPs, and blog promotion skills.

All in all, you will have to work hard and blogging smartly, then success is sure.

Pre-requisites For Blog Promotion

You can’t run a blog promotional campaign effectively, if you don’t have the following two key factors much needed for skyrocketing your blog :

  • One is surely web hosting.
  • And other is theme you are using for your blog.


Hosting is a foundation of a blog on which you can construct a successful website promotion.

In today’s competitive world,you can’t rely on shared hosting,which is very slow in speed.

And in turn search engines ignore slow-speedy blogs from appearing on the first page.

Pro tip : Use cloud hosting for lightening speed of your website.

There are many famous cloud hosting providers. Like

  • Siteground
  • Digital Ocean
  • Bluehost etc…

We are using digital ocean hosting for our blog.it is supper fast in speed.

Get: Digital Ocean Cloud hosting at less price


  • the theme should be light-weighted
  • It must be well coded
  • The theme should be mobile and SEO friendly.

Generatepress theme is one of the best light weight which we are using for our blog.

Download generateprrss theme at lowest price here


search engine optimization is one of the best blog promotion technique.

If you have plenty of content on your site but it is not SEO optimized, Then you can’t run a successful blog.

In order to make your blog discoverable to search engines like Google, you should submit your blog to the Google search engine. For this, you should do the following

  • Generate sitemap of your website
  • submit your sitemap to Google search engine

The above technique is called on site SEO.

Yoast SEO plugin is best plugin to generate sitemap of your blog and submit to webmaster tools automatically.

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is a great factor for your blog to get more and more traffic from search engines.

Because for effective blog promotion,you must adopt On-Page SEO technique.

It contains following :

  • Keyword research before writing a post
  • Image optimization
  • Reading optimization
  • Write SEO friendly Content

Facebook Marketing

To promote your blog, Facebook marketing could be a great deal for you. About 90% of people use mobile around the world and most of them use Facebook.

From a blogging perspective, it is a better place for running the website promotional campaign.

Firstly,make Facebook page and groups according to your blog niche.

Then join like minded Facebook groups,where you can share your articles with large no.of people and get better social signal for ranking your blog.

Facebook is a key website promotion hub for all businessmen till date.

Visit our Facebook page

Facebook also offers a paid promotion of your articles, websites, apps, etc. So run a 5-10 $ campaign and you will find significant traffic to your flog instantly.

All are familiar with Google’s importance for their website promotion.

As far as Google AdWords are concerned,you can invest money and get huge traffic and ultimately earn more money than your invested money.

We are currently run many paid campaigns for our articles promotion through Google AdWords platform.

We have observed a significant increase in our blog traffic through Google AdWords.


Linkedin is often ignored by many new bloggers, but you can’t imagine, Through LinkedIn, you can reach a mass business-minded people.

you will have to create a LinkedIn account and after updating your business profile,you can connect to many entrepreneurs.

Thus you can promote your blog posts to your like minded blog niches.

Visit our LinkedIn profile here 


Twitter is one of the best social networking sites after Facebook.

It is microblog social networking site.Where well known personalities are active.

You can find huge audience here to promote your website content and get social referral traffic.

Go My Twitter page

Pro Tip : Don’t forget to engage with your audience on daily basis

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great source of promoting your blog.

There are many social bookmarking site available,where you can drive huge traffic for your blog.

Here is list of some famous bookmarking sites :

  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Scoop.it
  • CrazyBacklinks

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks,traffic and good SEO traffic signal from search engines.

It is important to note here that you should guest blogging for those websites,that have similar contents like yours.

It will positively affect your blog. Search engines will give preference to your blog content to give it an appearance on their first page.

Commenting on similar Blogs

Commenting on similar niche blogs is another Super way to promote your blog.

We often do blog commenting on blogs whose content is similar to ours.

Thus it is important to not spamming on others blogs.

Commenting on blogs whose content is no way similar to your blog, will affect your search traffic badly.

Blog promotion on Quora

You can’t imagine the free referral traffic you can get from Quora.com.

On Quora, you can find all kinds of audiences for free. you just make a quora account and publish your short or lengthy articles.

You can redirect quora’s audience to your blog articles by inserting your URL link.

Here large community on quora asks plenty of questions and you can answer them quickly.

So in this way you can extensively promote your blog .

Pro Tip : For better to the best results, give at least one hour to Quora.


If you are starting a new blog and are not aware of blog promotion with the YouTube channel, then you are missing a great opportunity of getting millions of traffic from YouTube itself.

Hurry up! and start a YouTube channel related to your blog niche. And make stunning videos and launch your blog promotional campaign.

On the YouTube channel, you can monetize your videos and make money from Google ads also.

For proper utilization of the YouTube platform, you should make videos on regular basis.

To promote your blog posts, you can provide your appropriate blog article links.

And you will see a significant increase of your blog traffic.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are yet another trick for your blog promotion.

There are many push notifications WordPress plugins available for free.

This is a great way to make continuity with your readers.The movement you publish your post is instantly notified to your readers.

It will definitely work as further push-up to your blog posts.

Email Marketing

Think tank of pro bloggers like Neil Patel are using this strategy for their website promotion.

Just design your Email subscription box, and launch email marketing. It will definitely boost up your blog.

You can make a PDF of your articles, business card, info graphs etc. to launch your blog promotion through email marketing.

Giveaway campaigns

Many pro YouTubers are driving a huge audience through giveaway campaigns.

Similarly you can also use this strategy for promoting your blog content.

You can give premium themes to some of your active readers,by lucky draw, etc.

Concluding words

Finally, we can see that blog promotion needs lots of hard work.

If you are running your blog individually, then it could be an uphill task for you.

Most of the newbies write some articles and after getting Adsense or media.net approval, they start promoting their blogs.

By doing so.you can find decent traffic,but your readers will not stick to your blog for a long time.

We are of the view that unless you have adequate SEO friendly content on your blog, and not do proper keyword research,

You can’t achieve any mile Stone in terms of blog promotion.

Besides it, you should mainly focus on your articles. Write less but write quality content.

Your blog post must add value to your readers.For this,you must solve your readers queries.

Finally, if you have found this article helpful. Do share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media network.

That’s it, hopefully, you can learn SEO Tips to Promote Your Blog 2020.

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