5 Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers


5 Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers

5 Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers

There are many new developers who tend to get puzzled while selecting the right text editor for them. So, we have compiled some of the Top Rated and Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers.

Many people, including new unknown developers for WordPress, believe that all text editors are the same or at least identical. If it sounds like you, you will lose the opportunity to boost your workflow. The fact is not that all text editors are identical and that the right editor will significantly improve your coding experience. Like any job, creating WordPress would be much easier when you use great software.

In this article, we will clarify why selecting relevant software is essential. We will then discuss 8 Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers by 2021. Let’s start!

The Importance of Using Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers

The majority of your job is probably undertaken as a WordPress Developer in a text editor. It is reasonable to use the one that provides the fastest and most comfortable experience.

Although you can write code in a program like TextEdit or Notepad theoretically, you shouldn’t. These fundamental editors are far from suitable for HTML and CSS. Moreover, they provide no features that help you detect errors.

Upgrading from the regular Notepad will save you time and boost the writing code results. There are different features to consider with your text editor, from syntax highlighting and version control to many programming language supports.

Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers

All depends on your desires, preference, and projects. However, there are a variety of top-quality programs. Let’s take a peek.

1. Vim

Vim is one of the most common WordPress developer’s code editors. This editor is open source and highly configurable and has a strong reputation among Linux developers. It provides consistency across platforms like no other code editor.

Vim will not be extremely popular for novice users since it has a curve for learning. Here are a few more Vim features:

  • Built-in UI
  • Highlighting syntax for over 200 languages

2. Atom

You may have learned about Atom if you are working in development. This free app is easily customizable and includes several built-in features. Atom is an open-source editor that can be used to begin or advance programming. It can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Here are the features that comes with Atom Code Editor:

  • Push requests from GitHub
  • Smart self-fulfilling
  • Browser File System
  • Find-and-replace functionality
  • Side by side multiple coding panels
  • Themes to enhance the look of the editor

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another famous text editor that can be useful for your WordPress projects irrespective of the programming language you choose. It also supports a variety of markup languages.

Sublime Text is more comparable to Atom among the text editors on this list. Their appearance and features have many similarities.

One of Sublime Text characteristics is that it is unbelievably light and does not use many resources. However, this would not cost advanced features like:

  • Editing multi-caret to concurrently insert repeat text
  • Interface to Python API
  • Additional extensibility plugins and package manager
  • Search methods and shortcuts, such as ‘GoTo Anything’

This editor is often praised for its speed. It is made of customized parts, so it responds amazingly.

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight but efficient, on-the-desktop source code editor used for Windows, macOS, or Linux. It has JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js built-in support and has a rich ecosystem of other language extensions, including C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP.

These are the features that comes with Visual Studio Code:

  • Collaborate and code remotely
  • Code to learn
  • Fix errors as you code
  • Make it yours with custom themes and colors
  • Compare changes in your code
  • Code inside Notebooks

5. Notepad++

Without Notepad++, what will a text editor list be? This platform probably needs not much introduction since it is one of the oldest and most famous systems.

This efficient, free text editor features a fantastic set of components. These features are listed below:

  • Syntax highlighting and folding
  • Search and replace tool
  • Plugins for extending and enhancing editor functionality
  • Customizable user interface
  • Multiview editor
  • Autocompletion and multi-document switching

If you’re an experienced developer, Notepad++ can be a helpful tool. At the same time, you’re, particularly at the novice stage. Compared to other choices, it is easy to understand.

Sum Up

A significant part of your WordPress development experience depends on the tools you use to do your work. Using the correct text editor will mean faster and simpler completion of tasks.

That’s it, hopefully, you identified Best Text Editors for WordPress Developers.

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