Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need to Install

Are you aware that Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser? According to Statista, Google Chrome is used by over 66 per cent of the world population.

This is obvious from the new download figures. Google Chrome is the world’s most popular website browser. With more than half of the world’s people using the Internet every day, it represents the importance of this browser.

So, by checking and listing the Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need to Install in 2021, we tried to help you out. We trust that your web experience can only be improved. Some can make sure you securely use the internet. Are you prepared to enhance your Internet experience by taking your performance, safety, and competitiveness into account?

List of Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need

Chrome allows people to explore the internet safely. It is possible to say that its widespread library of plugins and add-ons is why this browser is so popular. There are so many options you don’t even know where to choose, and they are free to download.

1. Save to Pocket

You will save fun fragments, websites, blogs, etc. while browsing the web using the Save to Pocket software. This practical implementation is beneficial for students and professionals. It is worth trying to save to pocket for free whether you need to do a lot of homework or just to read.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need save to pocket

The excellent news is that the platform is many so that you can use it on your computers. It’s not just Chrome segregated. Combining and linking the accounts appears relatively straightforward to synchronize automatically.

2. Full Page Screen Capture

Capture and download a whole web page with one touch.

The extension has no special permissions – only install it and press on your window to see the full-page image capture with the button, or hit Alt+Shift+P.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need Full Page Screen Capture

The page scrolls as it is recorded, and your cursor shouldn’t be moved over until it is finished. After this, a new window is opened for download in the resulting image. This is a handy web-savings app that you choose to read offline.

3. FoxClocks

We are looking forward to FoxClocks now, as you can modify and personalize the global clock in full. It is nice that your Chrome navigator will feature this clock. It would help if you only changed the various fields rather than have to Google the multiple times.

The good news is that you don’t care about saving daylight (i.e., when the clocks go forward and backward). This extension is automatically revised. It would be best if you then were assured that the time is precise and consistent.

4. Pushbullet

You can receive and send messages directly to your browser and receive updates directly. Do you try to work? You must keep your phone tabs, though. Now keeping track of your texts is never easier.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a convenient tool that supports all major communications platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, iMessage, and texts. The best thing is the software will even provide you with pop-ups on your desktop if you do so.

One of the best characteristics is that it runs in real-time. If you delete a message using Pushbullet, for example, your phone will still be transparent and vice-versa.

5. LastPass

A password manager is the simplest way to define this expansion. Sometimes, though, we forget our password, we don’t know about you. You can then enter, reset it to tell us you can’t repeat the password. We’re sure you can relate.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need lastpass

Now, LastPass will benefit you; you can recall as many or as few places as you need with your passwords. This extension runs via Chrome, which means that you must never fear that your password is missing or entered.

Best Free Chrome Extensions For Students

In the technology box of a student, Chrome extensions can be a valuable performer, extending the browser’s potential to do whatever it takes to correct grammar to prevent distractions.

Here are several Best Free Chrome Extensions For Students:

1. Grammarly

Grammar is a sophisticated method for testing grammar against hundreds of grammar errors. In much of your writing, the free edition of this software will help to avoid grammatical errors.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need Grammarly

It also operates on nearly any Internet domain like Gmail, Google Docs, etc. This extension works. It enables you to choose the English you write – English or American, compared to many other grammar resources.

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a free method to search for grammar errors and to recommend ways to develop the writing style. It will help you avoid errors and improve your prose. It comes with a checker for plagiarism.

The websites, including e-mail boxes, Twitter, and other prominent sites, run on almost all of the Internet. It comes with an integrated Thesaurus which offers suggestions for improving your writing.

3. MyBib

MyBib is Google Chrome’s free citation generator extension. This chrome extension tells you whether a source is reliable or not. It also helps create quotes based on more than 9,000 endorsed and predetermined quotes, including Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA, and Harvard.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need Mybib

The index may either be copied or downloaded as a Word document in the clipboard. It will do to do what EasyBib and quote For Me. Over the other two choices, I suggest this extension.

4. Power Thesaurus

The free Chrome extension Power Thesaurus helps you to see antonyms and synonyms without leaving the website on which the term was discovered. It will help you develop your writing by making finding identical, more strong words in place of your bad words super fast.

You will pick a word and right-click the list on the Thesaurus using this extension. Or you can scan the Thesaurus by clicking the extension button in the menu bar.

5. Speechify

Speechify is an extension of Google Chrome that lets you listen to the Internet (and the IOS app). Students will listen to their tasks, read their reports, review their notes, listen to emails, and many more.

Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need Speechify

Even students, teachers, professors, and parents, often by hearing papers, whitepapers, essays, and even Google Docs, will use this to boost competitiveness and enhance their set.

With celebrated voices, you can also hear your emails, so your personal reading assistants are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gweneth Paltrow.

6. Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight lets you read material even more quickly online by automatically highlighting the website’s main sections. The highlights are typically exact. It will help you halve your reading time.

Instead of reading the whole post, after the extension has been set up, you can press “Auto Highlight icon” and highlight the most relevant text sections. The addition shows yellow backdrop passages. From the extension options page, you can change the color scheme of the highlighted text.

7. Nimbus

Nimbus helps you to grab the browser’s screenshots and record them. You can record complete page snapshots and only grab selected page areas. It also helps you in your browser to annotate and edit the images. In only a couple of taps, you can apply your watermarks to all of your screenshots.

You can edit your screenshots without having to leave your browser. You can add watermarks, text, and pictures on top of your screenshots. With a few taps, you can even bubble the images. Nimbus will allow you to compile crucial information just like it appears on your page.

Sum Up

An Extension to Chrome is a small application that enhances the browser’s capabilities. The Chrome Web Store offers thousands of plugins.

That’s it, hopefully, List of Best Free Chrome Extensions You Need to Install in 2021.

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