Best Off-page SEO Techniques 2021 For First Ranking

Off-page SEO is a great backlink building strategy. We have the best off-page SEO techniques for 2021 that will boost your organic traffic. After doing on-page SEO properly, you will have to focus on improving your website’s off-page SEO

For this, you have to build backlinks by adopting such legal techniques, which are liked by Google. Many new bloggers use those SEO techniques(I am discussing later below), which badly affect their blogging careers.

It is crystal clear that you can’t rank your blog posts without search engine optimization in any way. Search Engine tends to rank the article which are SEO Optimized.

To start your off-site optimization campaign, you must have some basic knowledge of backlinks.

When a user redirects back to your webpage from a hyperlink that contains your website link from other domains, such linking practice is called backlinks.

There are basically two types of back links:

  • No-follow backlinks
  • Do-follow backlinks

Typically nofollow backlinks are those links that contain no-follow attributes.

It means that when a website owner redirects it’s the user to other domains with the intention to convey search engines to ignore this link.

For example:

 <a href=" rel="nofollow">backlinko</a>

I have given nofollow relation to the famous website “backlinks in the above HTML anchor tag.”

So when the search engines crawl my page with the above link, they will ignore this link

But it does not mean that it is wrong for my website. Instead, it will not flow my website link juice to backlinks. Because I am redirecting my users to an authority website, Google will find my post valuable when indexing it.

Note: Most of the websites attribute their outbound links with the Nofollow tag. But don’t do this all the time. Instead, a proper ratio should be maintained

Do-follow backlinks refer to backlinks which don’t have any “nofollow” relation.


<a href="">backlinko</a>

In the above example HTML tag doesn’t contain “nofollow” tag.

What does this means ?

It means that a website owner wants the search engines to follow that hyperlink to pass all seo benefits to landing webpage.

Pro Tip:no-follow backlinks are also important, don’t ignore them.

Google does not rank a post without backlinks. If you really want to see your site in the top ten, then backlinks are essential.

If you make some backlinks and update your blog content on regular basis on your website, then google will surely put your website on top.

Types Of SEO

There are three types of SEOs :

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Lets a quick look at these SEO types.

1. Technical SEO

It is also called domain level and hosting level SEO.As a new blogger,it is necessary to optimize your website technically.

For this,you should use HTTPS protocol for your site.

Besides it,you must optimize website speed,robot.txt,301 redirection etc.

All these come under technical SEO.

2. On-page SEO

On-page seo refers to do all the optimizations within our site.

It consists of post title,meta title, description,heading tags,image optimization,keyword frequency etc.

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  • How to do image optimization for on-page SEO
  • Best websites for downloading blog post images

3. Off-page SEO

Off-page seo is basically deals with link building strategy that helps to get more traffic engagements.

For example : making back links from blogs,social media platforms are examples of off-page SEO techniques.

There are many off-site seo strategies,that can be implemented for better SEO rankings.

But we have to implement those off-page SEO techniques which are SEO friendly.

so that we can rank our posts in the long run without getting any punishment from the search engines.

What is Off-page SEO

Off-page seo,sometimes called off-site SEO ,is a technique of improving your website ranking on search engines results page(SERPs).

Thus with off-page SEO Technique,you can promote your website across all internet channels.

Best Off-page SEO Techniques 2021 For First Ranking

Literally,off-page seo is a practice of link building,that helps your website get links from others.which are called back links.

Also called off-site seo,it is such an SEO technique which give a positive signal to search engines and your users that your site content is worth reading.

In simple words,Off-page optimization refers to the actions taken outside your website for linking back to your website.

For example :if you comment or do guest post on other websites and leave a hyperlink of your website,then such techniques are called off-page SEO.

In its deeper level meaning in the words of SEO experts, off-page seo is not only all about getting links from other sites,

But also to get links of your brand name,your blog URLs without hyperlinks.

Importance of off-page SEO

Thus it is off-page SEO that tells search engines that your particular blog post getting links from brand websites.

And Google like search engines consider this as a huge ranking factor and in turn they put the post on its first page.

So that’s why most of the blog posts, that come within first 10 results of search engine results page (SERP) are because of off-page search engine optimization.

Do you think?, this is merely possible with on-page seo?

The answer is no!

There many factors that help in gaining search engines signals for organic traffic for your blog.

And off-page SEO technique is one of them.

There are plenty of benefits a website can gain from adopting relevant off-site policy.

Some of the benefits: increased organic views,social sharing, increased brand value and many more…

Similarly, keyword research is also a huge on-page SEO ranking technique which you must implement on your website.

Some People think that only back links help to rank the posts.

Some say posts can be ranked without back links.

Do you agree ?

I categorically agree with this view!

Ask why ?

Let me clear the point technically.

Actually you can rank low competitive keywords without any backlink easily.

Whereas,you can not outrank your competitors who have tons of back links for highly competitive keywords.

So here actually starts the game of off page optimization.

Many pro bloggers have already plenty of back links from high quality websites.

But what about beginners ?

They must learn some SEO skills that are must for quality link building.

Firstly, they must start writing SEO-friendly content for their blogs.

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After writing decent amount of content,they can go for blog promotion techniques.

And SEO optimization done from outside the boundaries of your blog like blog commenting,dead link strategy,guest posting, info graphing are key ranking factors.

Pro Tip: Never use black-hearted SEO techniques,these are considered worst by search engines for a blog.

So,for without any further delay let’s start the main topic :

Prerequisites of off-page SEO techniques For 2020

The techniques for off site optimization, i am sharing are well tested by many pro bloggers like Neil Patel,bran Dean etc.

These techniques or methods belong totally to white-hat SEO techniques which are liked by search engines.

And for the new bloggers perspective,they should use such technique right from starting their new blog.

So that in the long run when they have lots of contents on their blogs,they can’t get messy and punished by Google or other search engines.

Latest Checklist For Off-Site Techniques for 2020

Before you implement some of off-page seo techniques,you must have a clear mind-mapping of what you are going to do with these links called backlinks.

How will you use them adequately?An off-page SEO checklist :

  • Get quality backlinks from your niche related blogs
  • Reciprocate this strategy
  • Don’t indulge in spamming other websites
  • Devout time to link building on daily basis
  • Improve your learning skills.

10 Best off-page SEO techniques

1. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other relevant blogs has always been a great off-site optimization method adopted by many newbies.

You will be surprised to hear that blog commenting could prove to be great traffic driven technique,besides it’s being only a nofollow link-building technique.

Building relationships with internet world is more important than link-building

If you are a serious blogger,you can’t leave the opportunity of getting huge traffic from commenting itself.

But commenting on other blogs is an art which can not only drive traffic but you can build relationships with your fellow bloggers.

Note: you must choose those blogs for commenting,which are related to your blog niche.

And more importantly,leave comments on high domain authority websites having larger subscribers.

It is often observed that,many bloggers comment elsewhere on websites that have nothing to do with their blogs.

Such strategy is never going to work, because this is not liked by search engines.

I mean commenting on blogs whose blog content is totally different from yours.It is a kind of spamming comments

Because Google is so smart,and you can’t outsmart it.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great channel to expose your name brand and website to the targeted audiences.

There are many blogs that accept blog posting as a guest from like minded blogs.

This is very important,because if you are writing guest posts in irrelevant blogs,then you are making a big mistake.

The blogs who have nothing to do with your blog in terms of blog content will not provide you the targetted readers.

For example: suppose your website is about so related content and you are writing guess posts on a blog based on health.

So,how you can find audience who wants information regarding SEO.

so you must keep in mind the above said point in your mind while guest posting.

So firstly find a list of similar blogs,where you can make guest postings.

Here is a search string to find guest posting blogs related to SEO :

inurl:submit inurl:guest inurl:SEO

The above search query on Google will provide you a list of websites which accept guest posting related to keyword “SEO”.

3. Power Of Social media

Social media is one of the best off-page seo techniques which can provide you loads of traffic within days.

In today’s world,with over 70% people use social media,the power of Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter,tumbler and many more,can not be ignored.

Your targetted audience is waiting for you on social media platforms.

You need to just capitalise on it.write a rich content that can be sharable right from your blog post.

Best Off-page SEO Techniques 2021 For First Ranking

Add all the famous social media icons on all your blog posts and if the people find the post worth meaning,they will instantly share it.

Facebook might be a great source of deriving interested readers back to your website.

If your budget allows,you can run ads campaign to promote your blog and get social signals mostly liked by search engines.

For this make a fan page on Facebook and keep posting on regular basis.

Further search Facebook groups similar to your blog niche,join them and comment and share your posts regularly.

It is important that you answer the queries often asked by new bloggers, participate in discussions actively.

Similarly,you can find traffic resources at twitter where professional SEO experts often tweet great tips to the blogging fans.

You can join Twitter and tweet your posts regularly.Dont forget about pinning them up in your blog posts.

LinkedIn could also be great source of traffic generated platform,if wisely and actively used.

All in all,without social media marketing you can expect decent traffic to your blog.

4. Question Answer Websites

There are millions of people hunt on Google or other search engines to find the appropriate answers to their queries.

And when it comes to question answers websites,Quora comes first in the listing.

One of my website based on income tax is deriving good number of traffic from Quora.

But how ?

Here is the trick !

Sign up for Quora and then log in with your account.

After logging in you can search for answers of your queries or you can help the people out,who are desperately need answers to their questions.

I often search for keywords related to my blogs and find a list of questions people often ask,

Then wisely answers those questions and drop the hyperlink of my related post.

By adopting such strategy,you will definitely get huge traffic from Quora within days.

Here is a list of question answers websites :


5. Using YouTube As An Off-site SEO Technique

Believe it or not,YouTube is one of the giant traffic deriving social platform.

After Google,YouTube comes at number two in terms of domain authority.

On YouTube you can upload useful videos related to your blog content and get good traffic flow.

It is also a great source of earning money.

And embed that particular video into your related post.And your post will rank on google as well as on YouTube with in days,if properly SEO optimized.

Pro Tip : Don’t forget to leave your related post link in the YouTube description box.

Here is an article on getting decent traffic from YouTube

6. Grow Traffic with infographics

Infographics are graphical representation of your post or topic.They are becoming more and more viral these days.

Because people are more inclined to graphical text than merely a text post.

A famous entrepreneur Neil Patel is using this technique very efficiently for his blogs.

So keeping in view the importance of infographics,you should use them in your articles.

You can use Canva,,vennage to make your infographics for free.

If you are uncomfortable,then use fiverr,dribble websites to hire infographics experts.

Once you make these infographics,share them individually on social media,with hyperlinks of your blog posts.

You can use infographics of other websites like of Neil Patel.

In his words,”everyone can use my infographics without the prior consent of mine”.

Here is an important article on infographics

An article published on Forbes says,”about 65% of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network.

So you can increase your website traffic 10 times faster using this graphic method.

The below search operator will help you find infographic templates created by

allintitle:infographic template

This advanced off-page seo technique is being used by many famous bloggers.And it is 100% working.

Actually,to use this technique you will have to find dead links on your competitors website.

For tbis you can use ahrefs tool to find broken links of your competitors.

You can contact your competitors to let him know about the list of dead links they have on their sites.

In this way you are helping your counterparts in removing dead links and refreshing their blog content.

You also can offer a replacement of dead link with that of yours.

Important Note:you must have your own article written related to the dead link.

Only then you can get perfect backlink with expected traffic from that dead link.

Similarly Wikipedia can be used for repairing the dead links and replacing with your links.

Such strategy is never going to be old,because website owners often commit typing mistakes while inter linking or outbound linking in their blog content.

Search string for finding dead links related to on-page SEO.

site: “on-page seo” intext: “dead links”

Thus you can grow your blog traffic from the above method.

It is a legal way to steal your competitors backlinks and work on making backlinks from sources where they have got those.

There are many premium tools available which you can use for getting bavklinks of your oppositions.

Ahrefs, semrush are famous SEO tools that can be used get your task done.

For example,log in to ahrefs and click on site exploral link,put your competitor’s blog URL and then click on backlinks link just on the left side.

You will find all the back links of your competitors website.

You can export them to excel format and analyze them later.

Here is an important to note that, avoid making back links on low authority websites.

Because :

1 quality backlink is equal to100 low quality backlinks

9. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are one of the top off-page seo techniques that can skyrocket your blog posts.

To get high quality backlinks and blog traffic,you can use social bookmarking sites.

These websites are having high domain authority.

When you write perfect content share it on these sites and you will get huge amount of traffic.

Here is a list of some famous bookmarking sites:

S.NoSocial bookmarking sitesDAPA

I have made do-follow backlinks from the above sites. I often share my new articles on these sites and get good traffic.

10. Making Your Site Trustworthy

If you are a beginner,then you will have to spend much more time to build trust of your site among search engines,your readers.

So when your site’s domain authority and page authority increase,you will get backlinks,and traffic naturally.

So,for off-site seo to work perfectly,post useful and illustrated content.

You should never try to deceive your readers with awesome looking titles and low quality content.

so work on quality as well as quantity of the content

It is often observed that many newbies don’t have secure socket layers(SSL) installed on their websites.

That’s why search engines ignore your site which is insecure and rank the sites that have secured certificate installed on their website.

11. Write Content on Web 2.0 Sites

This another best method to improve your off-page seo by writing content on the web 2.0 websites.

Such as,, etc.

These websites have higher domain authority.And the backlinks they provide are do-follow.

So these websites will definitely boost up your off-site ranking.

To get best results,make necessary pages and posts on them and drop your website’s hyperlinks there,this is the key of getting natural flow of backlinks.

12. Documents sharing off-page Seo

I was really surprised when I read an article on interest,the author embedded an eBook link at the beginning of the article.

And it bears the caption saying,if you don’t have time to read this article download the eBook and read the article later when you have time”.

This is one of the great off-page seo techniques to create a perfect content, optimize it and convert it into a PDF document.

Then share on social media platforms.

Similarly you can share the PDF and ppt documents with the websites made specifically for getting document submissions.

Here is the list of documents sharing sites :

S.NoDocument Sharing sitesDAPA

Link exchange off-site method is one of the effective method of building links with your fellow bloggers.

Just provide links of your fellow bloggers websites on your website and let him know and make a reciprocal request.

This technique works well when you reach out to the bloggers who have similar niche blogs.

Wrapping up off-Page Seo Techniques

There are many other off-page seo techniques,that you can apply to build backlinks on higher authority websites.

But you can not get fruitful results overnight.You have to show enough patience,before the the off-site so methods you are trying,work perfectly for your blog.

Many bloggers fail in their blogging career,because they don’t maintain consistency in their backlink building journey.

Consistency is the key in link buildings.Make backlinks on daily basis.

Keep learning seo skills from other already established bloggers.

Join in the question answer discussions on the topics related to your website contents.

People want answers, that’s why they search on Google,quota,social websites.And if you are active on their queries,people will follow you.

Blogging is a long lasting process, you can’t achieve any milestone on your own.

For this you need to build relationships with blogging community.You might need the help of influencers,who are SEO experts in their business.

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They can help you in finding targeted audience to have more exposure of your blog content.

So finally,to take your blogging career atop of your competitors,you must implement the above mentioned off-site search engine optimization techniques.

If you have found this article worth learning,please share it.

Thanks for devouting your valuable time here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is an optimized practice of getting backlinks for your website from other domains.

Q2. Why is off-white SEO is so important?

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO is an important ranking factor by the search engines. The more you have quality backlinks. The more your posts get ranked on search engines.

Q3. Which are the off-page SEO techniques?

We can implement many techniques to increase our content exposure and get many quality backlinks.

Q4. What is difference between off-page seo and on-page seo ?

On-page seo helps optimize your site in terms of seo title,Meta description, keyword research,content length etc. Whereas off-page seo helps build quality backlinks,which helps in ranking your posts.

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