Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022


Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022

Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022

We will show you the Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022 for your website. Moreover, we will guide you to choose your best plugin.

WordPress is a site-building platform in which developer or user can build their site without any coding knowledge. When a developer tries to create a table from the start, it is always a painful process. Above all, a site needs a bunch of data to present in a managed structure to have a clear understanding of data. So, we will talk about the Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022.

There are lots of good news for WordPress users because there are lots of new plugins. Most of the plugins are free, paid, and premium available for users that will help to construct tables.

Why Use a WordPress Table Plugin?

WordPress table is an excellent way to display bulk data in an easy-to-understand way and readable. Users can use the tables plugin to show the original data like prices of products, create directories, and many others.

When you use a default feature of WordPress to add tables for posts and pages have limited options. Therefore, you need to add Best WordPress Table Plugin for more options. If you want to improve your site using new features and improvements then you need to have an update of every update like WordPress 6.0 Review.

Best WordPress Table Plugin


wpDataTables is best plugin

wpDataTables is one of the premium plugins which help users to add tables quickly to WordPress.In addition, it has a unique table builder in which users can create tables visually without any use of code.

Moreover, you can merge cells, provide each cell different style and add star ratings. After activating the plugin, you will get a step by step help to create your first chart. You will be able to enter data directly in the table or import it from CSV or other files.


TablePress in Best WordPress table plugin

TablePress is the most popular plugin in WordPress which makes tables on your site. You can create a beautiful table easily and without using any code.

This plugin has the same features and work structure as excel. While using this plugin, you can add data as the structure of a spreadsheet. Moreover, it has a unique feature that makes tables more interactive and engaging to the editor.

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a plugin that helps to create a fully responsive and good looking table by drag and drop table builder. Meanwhile, you will be able to add text, images, lists, shortcodes, star ratings, and custom HTML.

Using this plugin, you can create list tables, pricing list tables, review site comparison tables, and many more.

Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms is one of the famous and advanced forms building plugins. Similarly, it has features to make a strong table building tool.

Certainly, you will be able to create a form where you can collect data and make a good table to display. It contains different styles for making tables and match the design with your site.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables in Best WordPress Table Plugin in 2022

Ninja Tables is one of the leading table builders in WordPress which has lots of features for a free plugins. While using the free version, you will be able to upload data into tables, filtering, and pagination.

It includes about 100 style tables for making any presentation of data you may need. As a result, it has a flexible editing environment with lots of fonts, colors, and drag-drop features.


Visualizer is Best WordPress Table Plugin

Visualizer is created by a WordPress developer Themelsle who mainly creates themes. But, it has a couple of plugins including Visualizer to manage tables and graphs.

The free version of Visualizer gives user nine types of chart which includes line chart, bar charts, and pie charts. It is more responsive, and compatible with many browsers due to being powered by Google Visualization API.


We hope this blog will help you to learn more new things about the WordPress plugins and store your data in table format in order to understand and manage it easily. If you want to learn new things about WordPress, then check our site daily for new updates.

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