Future of Web 5.0 | Is this a Web 3.0 killer?


Future of Web 5.0 | Is this a Web 3.0 killer?

Future of Web 5.0 Is this a Web 3.0 killer

Do you know about Web 5.0? It is a web focusing on building a decentralized web that will put you in charge of data and identity. The TBM is talking about the web decentralization which exchanges information but it is missing a key layer which is called identity. Therefore, Web 5.0 will not only secure data and information but will make the internet more secure that’s why Web 5.0 is the future.

In this article, We will guide you on Web 5.0 strategy, Blockchain-Powered Digital Network, and Web 5.0 Development. Therefore, you will get complete knowledge of Web 5.0.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the next web evolution of the internet which will make the internet more secure and date protective. Moreover, Web 3.0 will provide a new version of the internet that is based on public blockchains and a record-keeping system facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. Above all, The main thing that attracts Web 3.0 is that it is decentralization of that data and services.

Cryptocurrency is frequently mentioned when Web 3.0 topics arise because its protocols rely on cryptocurrencies. Similarly, It depends on NFTs, digital currencies, and many other blockchains.

If you want to have more knowledge on Web 3.0 follow this link: Best Web 3.0 Crypto Projects

What is web 5.0?

It is the rise of virtual assistants which predict what you need from your behaviors. So, many hints are there that an intelligent web is coming. On this web, we will see that the applications interpret information on complex levels both emotionally as well as logically.

It will focus on your individual which enables computers to communicate like a person. Certainly, We are looking for Web 5.0 as Artificial intelligence which allows technology to think, give reason and respond independently.

Web 5.0 vs. web 3.0 


Web 5.0 mainly allows users to have control of their identity. Web 3.0 relies on the third generation of decentralization and semantic learning. 


Web 5.0 focus on data security. Web 3.0 focus on the empowerment of individual users.


Web 5.0:

Node js

Web 3.0

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Decentralized protocols

State of data

In Web 5.0 Ownership has control over the data.

In Web 3.0 Have ownership over the data and its sharing

Jack Dorsey Announces Web 5.0 

Jack Dorsey former Twitter CEO has announced a platform on Twitter which is called ‘Web 5.0’. Further, it is a combination of Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 which will build into the bitcoin blockchain. In addition, this platform fixes the issue of our personal data. At this time, identity and personal data are the property of third parties.

In the screenshot, it clearly explains the reason for Jack Dorsey to resign his post as CEO of Twitter.

Future of Web 5.0 | Is this a Web 3.0 killer?

The Block Head(TBH) is the company behind the development of Web 5.0, one of the bitcoin business units in Dorsey’s Block. In addition, it brings decentralization of identity and data. Meanwhile, Dorsey said that Web 3.0 is not truly data decentralization or user ownership.


As we know, there are some changes coming to our internet which will improve the quality and we will get new features. Most importantly, Web 5.0 is going to be the best thing coming on our internet. Hope you are having new knowledge on the internet from this article.

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