How to Add No Follow to External Links in WordPress?

A no-follow link is an HTML attribute that allows the user to tell google and other search engines not to give any SEO value to the specific link. When the Google crawler passes through the link, it suggests not to follow the link. Then, we will show you How to Add No Follow to External links in WordPress.Most of the websites uses add no follow to external links.

The links or backlinks that we use on-site are important for SEO ranking.

So, when we use external links, then the search engine takes it as a ranking signal and passes a portion of its authority to other websites.

Some people believe that when we give External links no follow then it helps to make the user website rank higher. but this does not prove any fact.

As per the announcement of the Google search algorithm, it uses the nofollow link as a hint rather than for crawling and indexing purposes.

This is a pretty way to add a nofollow link to our site. In All in one SEO plugin of WordPress helps to add the Nofollow attribute with one click.

All in One SEO is a free or premium version many website owners use it.

After activating the All in One SEO plugin, at first, you need to create a new page or post and add anchor text for your link. Then, select the anchor text and left-click on the link icon.

Add nofollow links to internal and external links.

So, a box will open to insert your external links and click on “Add nofollow” on the link option. When you are done, click the ↵ button, or you can press enter on your keyboard.

Add nofollow to external links in wordpress.

While we were using All in one SEO plugin we can easily open our post and edit it.

In Classic editor, you can simply add anchor text for our link, then highlight it and click on the link button.

Then, Enter our link.

add no follow to external links in Classic Editor
and check the box "Add rel=nofollow"

Now, you need to open the setting for the link. Check the box “Add rel=nofollow.” to link.

Add New Image to add no follow to external links by adding nofollow link.
Add New Page

After you are done, you can now click Add link button. Your nofollow link is added.

In this editor, you can manually add onfollow to external links in WordPress. Let’s look at the step-by-step process.

Steps to create 

First Posts >>Add New

Now select an anchor text and click on the link icon. Then, enter your link. So, you can click on the “Open in new tab” to make the option On.

Wordpress block editor to add no follow to external links and adding site to nofollow.
WordPress Block Editor

After you are done, click on the ↵ button or Hit your Enter button.

Mainly to add the nofollow attribute, select the block which contains your link and click on the three dots icon on the top bar.

Adding nofollow links in WordPress and click on the three dots.
Adding NoFollow Links

After that, a dropdown menu is seen, and click on Edit as Html option.

Edit as HTMl  and add no follow to external links
Edit as HTML

When you see the HTML code of your link and add nofollow option to link. You can now add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to the link element on the rel=”noopener,noreferrer” attribute.

Adding rel="nofollow" links in WordPress
Adding Nofollow

Once done, again click on three dots and select ‘Edit visually’ to go back to a

standard visual format.

Adding nofollow links in WordPress and edit visually.

All in one SEO may be the easiest way to add nofollow links, and you can add external links or add nofollow to internal links manually in classic Editor.

Go to Pages>>Add New to create a new page. Add some anchor text, then highlight it and click the link button. Then only enter your External link.

Add new page and adding nofollow links fro the new page
Adding nofollow link

So, click the Text tab of the Classic editor. Then add rel=”nofollow” to the external links.

Insert a link and click nofollow option to external links.

Add rel=”noopener” if it’s not present, you can add it if it’s already present, then add nofollow.

Adding rel="nofollow" to HTML code.

In this method, if we have a lot of external and affiliate links, you should switch to Code Editor. It helps to add nofollow attribute faster.

While opening the post or editing screen, click the three vertical dots on the right corner. A dropdown menu will open, and click on Code Editor.

Clicking on Code Editor and add HTML code
image:Code Editor

On Code Editor, we see the `HTML code of our page. Now, find all of the External links and do nofollow attributes on each.

After you are done, click the visual editor option to switch back.

Sum Up

You can learn about nofollow links in WordPress and how to use them on our website. So, everyone can get this knowledge which helps in their website building and easy maintaining of your site and nofollow to external links.

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