How To Create an Image Gallery in WordPress – A Complete Guide


How To Create an Image Gallery in WordPress – A Complete Guide

How To Create an image gallery in WordPress - A Complete Guide

Learn how to create an image gallery in WordPress with this comprehensive guide. Follow our step-by-step instructions to showcase your images beautifully on your website.

In the modern era, a picture speaks a thousand words, therefore if you run a website, you understand the value of a compelling image gallery.

A user-friendly framework for building and maintaining picture galleries is provided by the well-known content management system WordPress. This in-depth article will walk you step-by-step through the process of building an image gallery in WordPress.

By the conclusion, you’ll be able to successfully display your photographs, giving your audience a reason to visit your website on a visual level.

It’s simple to make a photo gallery in WordPress, and it’s also a more visually engaging way to share posts.

When you add several pictures to a page, they appear one after the other, making them look cluttered and forcing your readers to scroll to see them all.

Create an image gallery in WordPress

WordPress, on the other hand, has a picture gallery option that allows you to:

  • Display photos in a grid format with columns and rows
  • Show thumbnails for your images
  • More photos can be shown in a smaller amount of space.
  • Optimizing the pictures and image galleries
  • Make changes to your images and galleries
  • Change the image’s dimensions

WordPress has a built-in gallery feature that allows you to easily create photo galleries. A Gallery block is included in the new WordPress block editor, allowing you to create a WordPress gallery in just a few clicks.

You may also use WordPress picture gallery plugins to build galleries with much more functionality.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to build a picture gallery in WordPress using both tools.

Let’s begin with the WordPress gallery block by chance.

A built-in feature in WordPress allows you to build a gallery. This functionality is simple and lacks many choices, but it gets the job done.

Without using a plugin, here’s how to create an image gallery in WordPress.

Let’s begin, first edit the post or page where you want the image gallery to appear. Pick the Gallery block from the Add New Block icon on the post edit bar.

Create an image gallery in WordPress

This will bring the Gallery block to your WordPress editor, where you can import images from your screen by clicking the ‘Upload’ tab. You can also choose from the media library’s previously uploaded images.

Create an image gallery in WordPress

When you press the Upload button, you’ll usually be able to upload one picture at a time. With the Ctrl key pressed on your keyboard, you can click and select several images.

Create an image gallery in WordPress

After uploading all the images in gallery, You may add captions to your images. Simply click on the images to reveal the ‘Write caption…’ option, where you can add a caption.

If you click the Media Library tab, you’ll be able to pick all of the pictures for your gallery at once. You can also enter the image alt, title, and caption from the attachment information panel on the right side as you pick images.

Select the photos you want to display and then press the bottom right corner’s create a new gallery’ button. The ‘Edit Gallery’ tab will appear next, where you will add/review your picture captions.

The gallery block configuration panel will appear on the right side of your post edit page. You can now choose the number of columns for each row, as well as enable or disable the Crop images option and choosing where to attach your gallery images.

From the section to link, you can select none if you want any of your users to only view your uploaded photo. This choice disables the ability to press on your files.

If you choose the Media File alternative, the images will be clickable, and when you click them, the image file will open. Similarly, if you choose the Attachment Page option, the attachment page will open.

You should publish the post and preview the gallery on your live page if you’re happy with the settings you have set.

The picture gallery on our demo page, for example, looked like this.

Wasn’t that simple and quick?

It also seems to be attractive. However, if you constantly build picture galleries, you’ll quickly find that it’s missing some key functionality.

If you connect your gallery photos to a media file or attachment page, users will have to return to the gallery by clicking the back button.

It is not user-friendly, and the appearance of your gallery is determined by your theme. Most of the time, you’ll only get one really generic type.

The next approach can be used if you wish to add more professional-looking picture galleries to your website.

The WordPress gallery method is an easy and lightweight way to add galleries to pages.

On the other hand, Plugins will provide you with more Customization options and extra features, so you can rely on the plugin to do this task easily. Here we are using FooGallery to Create an image gallery in WordPress Posts.

FooGallery does a lot more than just the basics.

It also has retina thumbnail support, built-in models, and the ability to insert shortcodes, among other features. By selecting the FooGallery option in your dashboard, you can access all plugin-related options and settings.

To create a new gallery, go to FooGallery > Add Gallery > Add Media, fill in all the information and gallery options according to your needs, and then publish the gallery.

To insert the newly built gallery into your post Copy the Gallery Shortcode shown in the right side of FooGallery Dashboard and insert the code where ever you want them to show in your post.

No the result will look like this.

That’s all,

you can feel free and do experiment with the plugin and modify all the gallery you’ve created in the past time .

Sum Up

That’s it, hopefully, you can learn How To Create an image gallery in WordPress ?

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