How to Get Free NFT in 2023


How to Get Free NFT in 2023

How to Get Free NFT in 2022

Learn How to Get Free NFT in 2023 with expert insights and strategies. Discover the latest methods and tips to expand your NFT collection without spending a dime.

NFT is taking many fields like art, games, and the decentralization of money. As a result, many people from different parts of the world are collecting many different types. Moreover, many people make lots of money from NFT selling and buying. So, people are encouraged to join this market due to being a new technology, and a lot of celebrities are here.

A lot of question has arisen: What is NFT, Where did it come fromHow to earn using NFT?, How to get NFTWhere can I get free NFT, and can you get free NFT? In this article, we will cover all the above questions and give information on How to get free NFT in 2022.

What is NFT?

NFT is a Non-Fungible Token in which a lot of new technology is being used. It is one of the latest trends in blockchain technology. People have taken the crypto community by storm, and it is getting more popular day by day. NFT or Non-Fungible Token uses blockchain technology which helps to determine absolute digital ownership that provides particular asset authenticity.

We can define NFT as a digital token representing a unique item’s ownership. NFT is far different than regular cryptocurrencies. It uses blockchain technology to store the ownership of artworks, real estate property, and many other things.

How Do NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens Work?

People are earning millions, billions by creating and selling Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT can be created by going through the minting process using blockchain technology. Every NFT has a unique ID with information about the creator, price history, and owner. The NFT is kept in your wallet, so you don’t have to use a third-party holder. The creation of NFT is minting, which is decentralized. Moreover, you can get a free NFT token by playing games or participating in a giveaway.

How to get free NFTs in 2022

There are many ways to get free NFT art which are quite simple. However, the main ways to get Free are through games and giveaways.

Earning Free NFTs by Playing Games

You can earn NFT, called Play to Earn(P2E), which allows gamers to get free NFTs tokens by playing gamesUsers can sign up for several types of P2E games where the game developer provides tokens. In addition, their main motive is to encourage NFT trading and increase its value.

One of the top and most popular P2E games is P2E. It has about two million players worldwide. While playing this game, you can buy, sell and breed creatures. Every creature has its own NFT characteristics. 

Likewise, there are many games where you can just signup and play games to NFT. Games like decentral and alien worlds, the sandbox, and many more.

Free NFT Through Giveaways

Giveaways are another easy way to get NFT. Many times NFT influencers or creators use social media platforms to give away NFTs to promote their blockchain projects. Twitter is the leading platform where you can see several influencers giveaway their projects. 

There are many fake give away nowadays, like a case of giving Bored Ape, which has excellent value in the market. Whether or not the NFTs give away is legit because legit giveaway NFT has no value or less value.


You can get as many if you search for and participate in as many giveaways. This article taught you about NFTs, how to get free NFTs, and many more. There are more ways or places where you can get giveaways from NFTs, like on opensea, get free NFT drops, get free NFT airdrops, get free NFT airdrops, get free NFT on the sandbox, get free NFT on Binance, and many more.

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