How to Install WordPress on LocalHost using XAMPP | 5 Easy Steps


How to Install WordPress on LocalHost using XAMPP | 5 Easy Steps

Install WordPress on LocalHost

Learn best and easiest ways How to Install WordPress on LocalHost using XAMPP in 5 easy Steps

WordPress is now the most popular Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP, powering up about one-third of the entire internet.
Hundreds of People Join the Community every day and if you are one of them, We WP Warp team Welcomes you with this Very Simple Beginner Friendly Tutorial on How to Install WordPress on localhost in Five easy steps.

Sometimes it may be more comfortable working with WordPress on your local desktop. Maybe the Most Frightening Part of Getting Started with a WordPress Business is Installing it on a server or on a local machine.

Step 1 Downloading XAMPP on Your PC?

What is an XAMPP server?

XAMPP is an application that helps you to set up a web server and a database server without any extra setup.PHP & MYSQL need an application and a database server to run, which is only conceivable if you have a server machine/computer.

The XAMPP program builds a remote server on your localhost computer so that every time you update and manipulate your web application code (mainly PHP), it helps to show you how your web application looks like.

follow the steps to install XAMPP

Download XAMPP from the official Website

Open downloaded file and click Next

Setup Xampp

You can select which components to add to this screen; You don’t need all the components to install XAMPP and WordPress. In addition to the components, all you need is

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PHPMyAdmin

Alright, This is everything you need to install on XAMPP to install WordPress locally. Uncheck everything else and then press Next.

Select Components

Now Select your installation folder for XAMPP and click on Next, in my case i am leaving it as the default.

Installation folder

You’ll get a prompt on the next screen telling you to install Bitnami for XAMPP. You don’t need this to install XAMPP and WordPress, so uncheck the box.

Now click Next and another screen will pop up with Ready to install.

Setup is now ready to begin installing XAMPP on your Computer.

Click on Next and after that your XAMPP application will start installing on our Computer. once you click next it will take a while to complete install process.

XAMPP Installing

once the installation task is completed, you can lunch XAMPP and configure all the necessary things.

2. Download WordPress

Before installing WordPress on your localhost, you must get the pre-required WordPress files.

After you finish downloading.

  1. WordPress comes in zip format, so you have to extract it first. That should be quite straightforward.
  2. Since we are using Windows, copy the extracted folder to C:\xampp\htdocs
  3. We recommend renaming the folder, though optional. We will change the folder to the “test website” for this tutorial.

3. Open XAMPP and Start Apache and MySQL

Boot up XAMPP when the installation is finished.

Start Apache and MySQL.

4. Time to create a Database

Creating a database will be your last step before you install WordPress. In order to create a database, you need to follow the step given by us.

  • Go to your local disk, where you saved the downloaded XAMPP file.
  • Select the htdocs folder and paste the WordPress latest version you have copied earlier.

You can always rename the WordPress folder but it is optional. For this tutorial, we have renamed the folder here ‘mytest’.

Check the below screenshot. You should remember the name you have selected for your database.

  • Now, open a new tab on your browser and go to localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Select Database
  • Write the same name you have written on your local disk. And finally, click on the Create button. Your database will be created within a few seconds.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your localhost database. Now, it is time to install WordPress on the localhost.

5. Install WordPress on Localhost

Let’s begin installing WordPress on your localhost. Open a new tab on your browser and write localhost/your given name (‘mytest‘ in our case) and hit on the Enter button.

After this, you will be welcomed with the screen below. You need to click Let’s go!

  • Provide your database name, you can write ‘root’ as user name, keep the password option blank- it’s better and you would find other fields filled up from earlier.
  • Click on Submit button
  • Give a name to your site. we named our site WordPress ERP here. You can also keep your database name as your site’s name.
  1. Write your user name
  2. Give a strong password
  3. Write your personal e-mail address
  4. Carefully check the search engine visibility button. Otherwise, Google would start indexing your local site too!
  5. Click on the Install WordPress button!

That’s it, hopefully, you can learn How to install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP in 5 simple steps?

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