Install a WordPress Theme | Beginner’s Guide


Install a WordPress Theme | Beginner’s Guide

Install a WordPress Theme

If you are the one who wants to Install a WordPress Theme, this article is the perfect choice.

Thousands of WordPress topics are accessible (both free and paid). As a novice, you may want to check out a couple of them on your web before you find the right one.

In this tutorial for the beginner, we will share details of How to Install a WordPress Theme step by step. You should pick which approach fits well for you.

Importance of WordPress Theme

The theme you chose for your site needs to be carefully considered. Sadly, though, not many people put this element below the threshold. Maybe you don’t look out for the relevance of subjects, or you don’t know how best to use them – the factors behind such ignorance will be numerous.

If you were unaware of this before now, here is all that you would like to know if you discussed the importance of the theme:

Makes Your Website Attractive

Nothing negates the fact that WordPress themes are nothing short of a boon in website design for those who don’t know-how. Even if you’re a beginner in this area, some of these themes offer the possibility of drag-and-drop webpages.

Therefore, you will make the whole website look appealing with these WordPress themes. The great thing about these themes is that you can order or get them in compliance with your business sector. You will then not have to make notable attempts to maximize them.

Multiple Website Usability

This is the aspect to focus on as you decide how important your WordPress theme can be. You can not only get your hands on a competent enough theme to help several websites at once; it is also feasible but also more comfortable.

Therefore, if you are prepared to create many websites, you wouldn’t have to invest differently in purchasing specific topics. So not only can a theme help you save you a considerable amount, but it can also provide you with usability. It certainly makes it interesting.

Extended Functionality

Though there are numerous themes, mostly if you focus on WordPress, you have to handle plugins to make the platform more effective and more accountable.

This situation depends mainly on the topic you pick, which kind of plugins you can add, and how you can control your platform. Your website and its architecture can be fucked up by a wrong decision.

Premium Level Quality

If you take something free or spend capital, your primary purpose will remain at the end of the day to access high-quality services. The same refers to the topics on WordPress.

However, if you chose correctly here, you may be confident of dominance.

These subjects are typically well-coded. Therefore, coding bugs are not too likely to occur often. Also, specific themes involve well-organized codes that are SEO-optimized. You don’t have to concern any aspect.

Since trained practitioners typically test these WordPress themes, you should guarantee that there is no mistake. They are clean, consistent with the guidelines, and the latest to help you get the best.

Though the importance or benefits of WordPress themes are relatively easier to understand, the real war begins as one from a comprehensive set has to be chosen.

How to Install a WordPress Theme Easily

If you wish to create a free WordPress themes directory, the best way to do so is to use the built-in theme search tool.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance >> Themes.
  • Now click on “Add New” button.
  • On the next screen, you will surely find a search box. You can just search for any theme you wish.
  • For this tutorial, we will instal Astra Theme. You can just click on “Install.”
How to Install a WordPress Theme Easily
  • After you finish installing the theme, you can “Active” the theme.

Depending on the theme, additional settings you can have to customize can be added. Installing suggested plugins, installing sample data, or updating settings. To start setting your theme, you can follow onscreen instructions or click on the Customize button.

How to Install a Theme by using the Upload Method from WordPress Admin

Our first approach helps you to install free themes, which are available in the directory of the themes.

What about adding a premium theme for WordPress from companies such as StudioPress, Elegant Themes, Themify, etc.

But what if a custom theme were to be installed? Ok, you’d have to install the product using the WordPress administration upload system in this situation. Begin by downloading the .zip theme file that you bought from a market or a market theme store.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance >> Themes.
  • Now, Click on “‘Upload Theme” button.
How to Install a Theme by using the Upload Method from WordPress Admin
  • The zip file you downloaded earlier would be asked for you to pick. Click “Install Now” to select the file.
  • You can see a progress text with the link to activate and preview the theme after you have configured your topic.
  • Click on the “Activate” link.

You must use self-hosting to use a custom theme upload feature.

Sum Up

That’s it, hopefully, you can learn How to Install a WordPress Theme in WordPress?

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Find yourself in the comment box below to provide replies and feedback.

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