Where is Trash in WordPress

If you are a WordPress regular user, the subject “Where is Trash in WordPress?” would be familiar to you. However, this article is everything you need to read for beginners who are new to this topic and WordPress.

What is Trash in WordPress?

The WordPress Trash is like a computer recycling bin. A post, page or paper could be deleted by users with the right level of authorization. It is transferred to the trash bin for 30 days when you remove the thing.

Therefore you, the owner, can recover any object that you have wrongly removed. The post will be deleted immediately and indefinitely from the WordPress site after 30 days. In WordPress 2.9, trash features have been introduced to minimize the risk of unintended object removal.

Where is Trash in WordPress?

The post is not removed immediately when you trash a WordPress post but transferred to a virtual trash basket. If you want to restore or remove the tab permanently, you can go into the trash section.

Find out how to open the trash folder:

  • Just go to Posts
  • Under Post, find and click ‘All Post’
  • You will see a section marked as ‘Trash’ if you have already deleted certain pages or posts
  • Finally, Click on Trash Tab

Hope you have finally learnt Where is Trash in WordPress.

Restoring a Deleted Page from Trash

In order to Restore a Deleted Page from Trash, you need to first find the trash page from the instructions given above.

Select Restore. Now. This is immediately restored and transferred to the location from which it has been erased.

Sum Up

That’s it, hopefully, you can learn Where is Trash in WordPress?

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