What is Admin Area in WordPress

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The Admin Area in WordPress is the Administrative Area. It is normally accessible from your web browser by accessing the wp-admin directory. For instance: http:/www.example.com/wp-admin/.

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Admin Area in WordPress

The administrative center of a WordPress operated Website is the WordPress admin area. All the pages of the WordPress Admin region are open to a full administrator. Other users including the publisher, contributor, or author have restricted access to the administrative region. Such users, such as subscriber users, only have access to their profile page within the administrative area.

The toolbar or admin bar is at the top of any administration tab. There are numerous administrative functions available. The key navigation on the left offers access to most of the management features of WordPress. Usually, each main section has a submenu that can be extended to view additional options.

The work area is called the center of the screen. This is where you can write, edit, erase and change your entries. The footer is at the bottom of each admin list. The footer has WordPress connections and a WordPress update that you have installed at this time.

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